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Tuesday, 14 June 2011 | 1Superstar (s)!


s0o , the conclusi0n is , I am finish with my KotaTinggi kem . :) im g0nna miss that place ever and forever MAYBEE . :P all the kidS are sporting . including the BOYS . HAHA ! && including the teachers . except TECER LIN . cause when she teach US , I doesnt here anything . wait , not DOESNT HERE ANYTHING ! but , mybee her voice is a small voice . HAHA ! keyy , I LIE ! wekk :P i wish that i can go to that scho0l next year . but , I need to get a good markk dude . keyy , that SUCKS + FUCKS . its hard to get an 8 or 7 A's . hee :D waitt , prayy for me to get a g0od marks for my PMR keyy ? prayyprayyprayyprayy for mee !

t0dayyy ! the school started :) it was fun MAYBEE . almost all my GURLGURL classmate fren ask me about KotaTinggi . they hear wat I sayy ! HAAH! when I tell about the boyss , they ask mee BUDAK LAKI KAT SITU SUME ENSEMENSEM KEA ? keyy , MAYBEE its funny . of course NOT all the pupil att there HANDSOME . only some of themm bebeh . hee :D

i wanna tell you about my first tusyen in form 3 :)
keyy , I got MANY friends at there . wait , not to manyy . I got 2 of my fren that little bit same as my namee ! HAHA ! one of them is AISYAH * i dunn0 if  I spell the corrct namee . it could be aisHah . right ?* and 1 more friends is SYAKIRAH * dunno how to spell her namee . maybee it was like this * wasnt it funny guyss ? my name is NUR AISYAH SYAKIRAH . s0oo , if AISYAH add SYAKIRAH equal AISYAH SYAKIRAH . HAHA ! keyy , that's funny MAYBEE :) the teacherS is spotingg . I dunno how about others subj .

NOTE : wanna see pict when I was att KotaTinggi ? next time , if I feel HAPPY , i ll upload here . if I feel LONELYY , ill upload att FB :P

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