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how to handle exam :)
Monday, 1 August 2011 | 0Superstar (s)!

Before exam!!!

Study is a boringness activity

Sitting in class while the mind still on garden

Chit chat in class

Open one eye close one eye while doing exercise

When exam almost coming!!!

Hihi.. don't worry,exam is on next week!! Relax mode 100%!!

Play card as a preparation of exam!!

One day before exam!!!

EXAM is coming

It's just like a boom who going to explode!!

Start seeking for help

Start study (first few hours)

Totally burn on midnight

During exam!!!

Fully utilized the opportunity, be efficient & effective!!!

Team work is very important at this moment!!!

This is the way we doing exam..

Using "SOFTGEL PEN" make cheating more comfortable!!!

Don't forget to use any devices!!!

Maximize use of the eyes, reach as far as we can!!!

Prepare some pocket notes!!!

Another alternative,try to answer the question properly!!!

REMEMBER!!! Answer with a simple answer,don't think too complicated!!!

Answer according to what the question ask us to do!!!

Answer based on example given!!!

Answer based on fact!!!

Just find where is the "x" location according to the question!!!

Be good in mathematic, eliminate the same variable!!!

Try to elaborate as much as we can, if can write it as long as the song even out of topic..

Using combination of english structured statement & logical calculation (high programming language)

After exam!!!

Ensure you can 100% pass your exam!!!

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